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We also do custom machining parts for anyone who's in the repair business.

This clock movement was made in the E. Howard style & design, weight driven, with double three legged gravity escapement and seconds beating pendulum. Although E. Howard never made a "00" size gravity escapement, we decided to design and make it. All the gears are made with polished brass and the frames can be purchased in clear polycarbonate glass, for easy viewing of all the gearing, or brass, painted in green and pinstriped in the same style as E. Howard originally made them. We can custom design a dial, which the clock movement will operate, any size up to 36" and any style including your name or logo of your choosing.

Don's gravity escapement skeleton tower clocks came about when he met Chuck Roeser where Chuck explained his dream of 25 years to create this type of skeleton clock.  Where others could see how these unique tower clocks functioned in their street clock movements.  Through their metal arts knowledge and hands on craftsmanship, together they have created six of these tower clocks with every moving part visibly viewable to on lookers interested in see how these old time clocks function.  Four of these clocks are available for sale as Chuck and Don will be keeping one their self for collectable reasons.  Enthusiast who desire one of these hand crafted Street - Tower Clocks with all their movements visible, please contact either Don Johnston or Chuck Roeser for details.  For technical details to any questions you may have of these or other antique clocks, please contact Chuck through his site:

Chuck has been traveling the world commissioned to restore and repair some of the most famous, oldest, and largest clocks created by past masters of this almost lost art.  Just as the masters had done more than several centuries ago, he hand crafts replacement parts that need replacing and calibrates their movements to precision time keeping for hopeful centuries of working to come.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, tower clocks became a major civic investment both here and abroad. Seth Thomas Co., namesake of Thomaston, Conn., and E. Howard Co. of Boston, employed hundreds of clockmakers assembling gears, weights, escapements, clock faces and movements for tower clocks. The public-clock business later dwindled as cheaper electric motors replaced the complicated works of mechanical clocks in the 1930s.

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Street Tower Clock

Street Clock Model 00
E. Howard & Company
Boston, Mass.

This E. Howard Street Clock was one of many that were manufactured by E. Howard & Company, Boston, Mass., during the period from 1875 through 1930. This specific model was frequently used for street clocks, although it was sometimes used on smaller tower clock installations where it would drive only one or two dials. The frames are solid brass while the wheels (gears) are brass with steel arbors. It runs on about 30 pounds of weight, which can be compounded to run for a typical eight days.

Donated by Philip (NAWCC #36198) and Dorothy Gilbert (NAWCC #78148)
Hendersonville, North Carolina

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Index plate for cutting tower clock gears.

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Cutting Clock Tower Gears.

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All parts listed, have been made in small quantities and are exactly reproduced to match original parts.

We can reproduce any tower clock part that you may be missing and will quote upon request.

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